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Unique, empathetic, results oriented

Using evidence based practices to help you, your child, and your family manage emotions and find success.

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What We Do

We treat individuals with diagnoses of ADHD, adjustment disorder, bi-polar disorder, major depression, generalized anxiety, autism, opposition defiant disorder and learning disabilities.


“Thank you again for all that you have done for our family. You have always meant so much to all of us"

Meet our Team of Experienced Therapists

jennifer headshot 2024_edited.png

Jennifer Schultz LCSW

Karen Cousin

Karen Cousin LMSW

Susan Bosco

Susan Bosco LCSW

Britney Themistocles

Britney Themistocles LCSW

Julia Abiamo

Julia Abiamo LCSW

Bridge Over a Lake

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